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글로벌 타겟에 대한 높은 이해도 보유 및 네트워크 구축으로 차별화된 사업 진행이 가능하며 현재 중국(베이징), 베트남(하노이)에 지사를 두고 있습니다.

Content Marketing.CM

The Content Marketing team is responsible for marketing and pre-production planning to ensure the optiomal visual image creation. We derive the brand's core values through the process of researching, translating Vietnamese -Korean documents, analysis and interviewing customers. In order to keep up with the fast-moving world, we have always researched, analyzed, presented and discussed about market trends, thereby improve the capacity of content planning and market understand and creating different visual images.

Content Visualization.CV

The Content Visualization team focuses on establishing a concept that aligns with the core values of the brand. Brand consistency from app design to marketing plays an enhanced role brand's ability to expand the market. With the advent of many media and technologies, Mass C&G is creating our own creativity by building a database through the process of design industry research, art and psychology.

Social design

Is a trustworthy ‘Social impact business platform’ Helps companies grow in small business and developing countries with its core competence in "brand and design"
Why choose us?

Macadamia and coffee packaging design for Anh Nguyen (Dak Lak province)

Products of Anh Nguyen Cooperative come from the best coffee growing area in Krong Nang district, Dak Lak combined with a closed modern production process that has been clearly shown through unique packaging images, and typical characteristic of the Central Highlands.

CI logo renewal/ Shantea packaging design for Vherbs (Brand in Hochiminh city)

Create brand identity and unique packaging for Vherbs through beautiful and impressive design. Highlight the origin and delicious tea flavor of Phin Ho tea region, an OCOP product in Ha Giang province.

Hana Mascot for Hana Eco Chain
(Organic tourism agricultural system in Da Lat province)

Character development based on the story of the corporate philosophy of naturalism, responsibility to the community. The character was created as a young and wildful girl who plays a role in brand communication with a variety of applications according to the One Source Multi Use – OSMU model.

TOB Cica Care Powder – Korean cosmetic brand in Viet Nam

TOB – Truth of Beauty is a newly acne treatment product of a cosmetic brand from Korea with the main ingredient extracted from a gotu kola plant. Its target clients are young Vietnamese women.

CI logo renewal/ fruit juice packaging design for Phu Thinh Food

Phu Thinh Food is located in Hau Giang province which belongs to the Mekong Delta- the biggest sourcing are of fruit and vegetables in Vietnam. We developed logo and fruit juice package for exporting.

Luxica - Vietnam Son la Coffee brand identity renewal

The eagle, the symbol of Vietnam's representative brand Arabica coffee, was used to emphasize its Arabica coffee, and the crown and stars were used to represent the excellent quality of coffee.

Buon Ma Thuot Organic Coffee brand – Vương Thanh Cong (Dak Lak province)

Vuong Thanh Cong is a quality organic Robusta coffee brand from Dak Lak province. We designed and renewed the packaging for 2 products: filter coffee and freeze-dried coffee.

Geographical indication (GI) logo design development (Project of the KIPA’s ODA fund)

Developed the Vietnam GI Logo, character and application design  (package, promotional video production) aiming to enhance Vietnamese agricultural products’ image in the global market.
Our client’s feedback
Mass C&G is one of 4 Korean design companies worked in the Vietnam-Korea design center, which is a project of the 2 governments, Vietnam and Korea cooperated within a period from 2019-2021. After a period of cooperation and work, I saw the professionalism, responsibility, and dedication to each project of Mass C&G. As a Korean design company, Mass C&G not only focuses on profits but also supports SME businesses to enhance their brand image, export orientation in Social Design projects, towards long-term goals. In the long run, it is to enhance the brand image of Vietnamese agricultural products.
Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy
Director of Information Technology Application Center (INTEC), Vietrade
Working with Mass C&G in the ODA project to develop the brand name of hot water stove system for ethnic minority boarding schools in Lao Cai province, I saw their enthusiasm and responsibility. Mass C&G's design is so nice, on-trend, and scalable in the future. Not only design, we also received marketing consultancy on project management later on and project expansion projects. Thank you Mass C&G!
Bui Ngoc Minh
Deputy Head of Education and Training Department of Lao Cai city - Lao Cai province
Mass C&G는 전문성과 책임감을 바탕으로 신규 브랜드와 저희 제품 디자인에 대해 최상의 성과물을 제공하였습니다. 항상 감사드리고 더 번창하셨으면 합니다.
이진규 팀장
Mass C&G is a leading and professional design agency in Korea, with over 33 years of experience. The representative office in Vietnam is very enthusiastic and understands Vietnamese culture, helping to make a perfect brand identity for my company. Especially character design is the strength of Mass C&G. In addition to good expertise, Mass C&G also enthusiastically supports and advises on brand strategy for the next 10 years, so I am very pleased to give my brand to them!
Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Anh
CEO – Hana Eco Chain
Responsible and enthusiastic working style! I feel satisfied when getting Mass C&G's services. I have plan to order a new coffee package’s design in the next time.
Pham Thi Hoang Phi
Director – Anh Nguyen Agricultural Cooperatives
Professional work and always be enthusiastic in customer support and suggested a lot of ideas for client!
Nguyễn Thị Nga
Founder at Viet Herbs Corp
Design services of Mass C&G is great, professional, and luxury. It is highly appreciated by customers.
Lê Văn Vương
Director – Vuong Thanh Cong Coffee
Enthusiasm, responsibility, eye-catching design images. Product designed by Mass C&G are well received and loved by customers.
Tran Le Hung
Director of Tien Anh Company